Kali is a daughter of my lovely Volscain Akira from Sensen Mann Yokon born 20th September 2017. 

She is a fun dog to live with and seems to enjoy training, bringing her zest of life to the training field with her ..... although she does seem to think she should be the epi centre of everything.

Kali has now been xrayed and has her AZ stamp with a nice low score (0,0/1,2)

In the only two specialty show outings she has been exhibited at, she placed third both times, including the 2018 State Breed exhibition

Making her debut in Rally obedience, she has gone through all the classes and has obtained her Rally Masters title including an Excellent with multiple perfect scores of 100/100. She has also ventured into the obedience ring and from three trials obtained three passes (98/98/95) and earned her CCD title. Unfortunately the pandemic has put a halt to her competing for now but I look forward to getting her back out there once it is all over.

So excited to be working with Kali again and back into the trial ring for two class wins in her first run in Novice with very respectable scores of 198/200. Love this dog, so much fun!

Kali's first attendance at a German Shepherd National had a few hiccups on the day, but she managed to mostly contain her excitement of being there to obtain 195/200 for her last pass in Novice, an the coveted Triangle medallion for Excellent in trial and second place on the day. So with her Companion Dog title safely earned with three passes from three trials it's now time to get her ready for Open

Kali has now made her debut in the Open class and has her first two passes towards her title with a respectable 193 and 195. We have a few things to work on before our next outing but fingers crossed we can pull it all together. So appreciative of the lovely feedback from my fellow competitors on what a joy she is to watch working!

Branching out into the Tricks world for something different while we wait for another opportunity to try Open Obedience, Kali gained three from three in one day to earn her Tricks Starter title.

So pleased to be able to say that with a 192 Kali has her third pass in open and now is able to add Companion Dog Excellent to her name. She does enjoy herself in the ring with enthusiasm costing her a few points but I wouldn't change it because I love that she enjoys it so much

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