Kali is a daughter of my lovely Volscain Akira from Sensen Mann Yokon born 20th September 2017. Time will tell what is in store for her.

She is a fun dog to live with and seems to enjoy training ..... although she does seem to think she should be the epi centre of everything. 

Kali has now been xrayed and has her AZ stamp (0,0/1,2)

In the only two show outings she has been exhibited she placed third both times, including the 2018 State Breed exhibition

Making her debut in Rally obedience Kali has obtained her Rally Novice title before the age of 2 and her Rally Advanced with scores of 100, 94 and 100 and three first places. She has gone on to obtain her Rally Excelent title with further perfect 100/100 


With a bit more maturity she will hopefully continue doing well

Contact Details

Caro Anderson
Elphinstone, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0437 25 00 88
Email : [email protected]