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The most exciting news is that Kali is taking a break from training to take on motherhood duties to her new Earl puppies!

Victorian Obedience Top Dog 2023

RIKKI: Delighted to say the Rikki earned a bronze dumbell in CCD Topdog 2023 and a gold dumbbell in CD

KALI: Not to be outdone, Kali earned a bronze dumbbell in CD Topdog 2023 just a squeak behind her sister

Kali enjoyed herself in the Open ring at the State Obedience trials to earn her third pass with a respectable score of 193/100 so gaining her Companion Dog Excellent title

JULY 2023
A change of scene and we headed to our first Tricks trial with a triple header in Geelong. Both Rikki and Kali had a bit of fun and both came home with three passes each so we can now apply for their Tricks Starter titles

JUNE 2023
Headed to Gippsland for a weekend of trials and had some nice results
RIKKI: Superstar girl gained three from three with 197/198/198 so gained her Companion Dog title in short order with lovely scores. She was also awarded High in Trial and had some lovely comments from her judges

KALI: What can I say, the princess brings so much enthusiasm to her work sometimes it just doesn't all come together for her but she now has two nice passes towards her Companion Dog Excellent title with 195/193 and just the one more pass to go. Fingers crossed for our next time out!

MAY 2023
RIKKI: Continuing on with obedience, we headed up to Wangaratta and Rikki got her last pass towards her Community Companion Dog title with a lovely 98/100 and a comment from the judge Charlie Giles that 'I can't remember what it was that lost the two points, but the rest was so perfect it just really stood out at the time'.

APRIL 2023
KALI: 49th German Shepherd National Show and Trial. Unfortunately I couldn't run Rikki due to her coming in season but Kali ventured out and even though it was a super exciting day for her she did manage a respectable 195/200 and second place in Novice (behind the amazing team of Andrew MacDonald and his perfect 200). This has earned Kali her Companion Dog title with three passes out of three trials so pretty happy with her. On to Open and the really fun stuff now

APRIL 2023
RIKKI: So we ventured out to Geelong for a Rally weekend and had some pretty good results. Three trials and Rikki didn't quite manage a hatrick of 100's but she was pretty close only losing one point in the last trial from enthusiasm but earning her Rally Novice title in one day

KALI: After a very long drought from doing anything since gaining her CCD title pre covid, we were finally able to get out into the ring again in Novice. Very pleased with her work and with two nice scores of 197 and 198 / 200 Kali placed first in both her classes. She brings so much enthusiasm to her work she is is a lot of fun to do things with

RIKKI: Rikki has finally had her debut in competitive obedience with two lovely runs in Community Companion dog and two scores of 97/100 and two first places


Everything is on pause with a pandemic putting halt to all our plans

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